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Negligence Once Again: 1986-1998 (Civil War)

Regrettably, almost all preservation efforts of the 1970s have been wasted, as a consequence of the start in 1986 of a civil war in the Interior of Suriname between the Surinamese National Army and Rebel groups. A fight that lasted until 1992. This was a major setback for the Jodensavanne Foundation, since all visitor facilities were destroyed and accessibility to Jodensavanne became limited if not impossible, and the site became overgrown once more.

Dilapidated condition of the BVS synagog

Dilapidated condition of the BVS synagogue shortly after beginning Civil War, 1988. View towards Suriname River.

Ruin Synagoge Jodensavanne.jpg

Ruin synagoge Jodensavanne 1997

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