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The Copie Nature Reserve and
the Copie village

The Copie Nature Reserve, which is located in the north-eastern part of the area, was established in 1986 and includes archaeological and historical traces from pre-Columbian and colonial times. It is around 28.000 ha and a category IV, IUCN protected area. The natural setting of the Copie Nature Reserve is very attractive and eco-tourism opportunities abound. It harbors endangered species such as the Gaint otter (Pteronura brasiliensis) and the Spectacled cayman (Caiman crocodiles). The Cordon Path leads and cuts right through this protected area to reach the Copie village.

The Copie village, situated at the Cassewinica creek is almost deserted, except for a few elderly community members who fish and hunt, and maintain the few camps. During the civil war the village was completely isolated due to fighting on the Commewijne River, of which the Cassewinica is a branch. The founding family is named Sabajo. They are descendents of marooned slaves and indigenous people. Copie has an excellent location with regard to hiking and tracking tours on the Cordon Path starting at Jodensavanne. The Cassewinica is historically also an area wereJewish planters have settled. In the cemeteries there are several tombstones referring to this creek.

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