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Cassipora, Powakka and Pierrekondre

These Indigenous villages within the area have expressed to understand the impacts regarding developments in Jodensavanne. Cassipora is a very old village -1625 - around 20 km East from Redi Doti. These Indigenous were probably the first who had contact with the Jewish colonists. Cassipoeri is an Arowak word, meaning creek with many fishes (Janki, 2006). Due to persisting transport problems and other related social and economic circumstances, many villagers did not return to the village after the civil unrest during the 1980s. The village counts actually around 70 members.

Powaka is a much larger Arowak village (600 inhabitants) situated along the access road to the Jodensavanne Monumental Area, around 15 minutes drive prior to Carolina. Because of the easy accessibility, this village has progressed very well during the last decade and has a good infrastructure. The villagers are in a good relationship with Redi Doti and Pierrekondre and they could contribute to the human capital of the area, related to management and tourist facilities in the region. There are already some flourishing tourist attractions and facilities in Powaka based on the beautiful black water creeks in the area. The villagers are organized in community based organizations to enhance the sustainable development of their village.


Pierrekondre (authentic name Kumbasi) is a Karinya (Carib) village North of Jodensavanne. The village is named by the first known inhabitant named Pierre Joeroeja and has now around 80 members. The Kumbasi community works close together with Redi Doti and there are mutual family ties. They also cultivate lots of pineapple.

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